Red Dreams charity challenge

Dawn and Ian Mc Manus pictured outside the new Red Dreams premises.
Dawn and Ian Mc Manus pictured outside the new Red Dreams premises.

A LOCAL charity is holding a 48-hour wake-a-thon to raise funds.

Red Dreams charity in Hartlepool is planning to go 48 hours without sleep from today until Sunday.

The charity, based in Whitby Street South, is run by a team of 30 volunteers who offer their advice and expertise to youngsters that have an interest in all areas of creative arts.

During the fundraiser there will be live music performed by local artists, game show activities and special food challenges, with volunteers and the public all invited to take part.

Volunteers and members of the public are welcome to attend the event and get involved with voting for songs to be played and arm wrestling competitions, along with other special challenges.

The charity is being supported by local, regional and national contributors and the money raised will be channelled back into the services they provide, which aim to develop self-confidence and build social and creative skills.

Prizes will be up for grabs over the course of the two days, with the main attraction being a Frank Turner bundle, a worldwide singer-songwriter that is playing in Hartlepool this September.

To sponsor or support the wake-a-thon you can email: or call on (01429) 894605.