Red hot chilli... duck? – Photographer’s pride at mishapen veg

The pepper duck
The pepper duck

KEEN photographer Keith Rogers snapped this rare ‘Red Pepper Duck’ that had set up home in his garden.

He sent it to us after hearing how supermarket giant Tesco had blasted “fussy” shoppers for causing food waste.

Bosses claim UK customers always pick the “cream of the crop” forcing it to bin thousands of mishapen fruit and veg.

Confusing sell-by dates and promotions have been blamed for much of the waste – but Tesco told a House of Lords inquiry that customers were also responsible.

Former sweet shop owner Keith, 79, agrees totally with Tesco.

He got so fed up of curly carrots and podgy potatoes left on the shelf – he wrote to Tesco to ask them if they would consider setting up a special stall inside their stores just for mishapen goods.

Keith, of Manor Garth Drive, Hartlepool,who is married to wife Maureen, said: “I totally agree with Tesco, it’s ridiculous that people turn their noses up at mishapen fruit and veg – and actually they usually taste better.

“I grew this pepper in my garden.

“Yeah it’s a bit of fun and made me laugh because it looked like a duck, but why would you not want to eat it?

“It’s ridiculous that people just want to eat perfect produce.”

Keith has grown all sorts of mishapen goods in his garden and says they are a common occurrence.”

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