Red-hot fun at pub as staff and regulars do Bonfire Night firewalk

Kevin Sanderson outside of The Spotted Cow in Elwick Village. Picture by FRANK REID
Kevin Sanderson outside of The Spotted Cow in Elwick Village. Picture by FRANK REID

FUNDRAISERS are being dared to walk across red-hot flames on Bonfire Night as a popular village pub raises cash for a children’s cancer charity.

A number of brave residents have already signed up for the daring event, organised by the staff at The Spotted Cow, in Elwick.

The firewalk will be held outside the pub on the evening of Tuesday, November 5, and there’s still chance for people to sign up and raise money for Little Heroes.

The pub’s head chef and manager, Kevin Sanderson, said the response from residents has been good, although he admitted he isn’t exactly sure how the firewalk will work!.

An expert will head to the village on the evening to set it all up and has assured all those taking part they will not get hurt.

Kevin, 23, who lives above the pub, said: “To be honest, I’m not sure how you walk across fire without getting hurt at all.

“I’m sure we are all going to find out sooner rather than later though!

“I think it’s all to do with how fast and light-footed you are. But the guy who is coming to organise it has promised all of us that nobody will get burnt.

“It’s something a bit different, I don’t know too many people who have walked over flames and it’s raising money for a fantastic cause so that makes it even better.”

Little Heroes supports youngsters facing the ordeal of a battle with cancer as well as helping to raise awareness of the devastating disease.

Kevin added: “It’s a fantastic charity and the more money we can raise the better.”

It’s free for people to sign up for the fundraiser and there is no minimum total for how much people have to raise.

“We don’t have a target of how much we want to raise but with the amount of people we think are going to be taking part on the night, hopefully we will get a fantastic total,” he added.

Anyone who wants to sign up can call into the pub or call (01429) 266373.