‘Red tape for firms’

MILLIONS of pounds in extra costs are on the way for North-East businesses as they struggle to keep with employment law, commerce chiefs have claimed.

The North East Chamber of Commerce says a £730m blow will come into effect over the next four years because the Government is bringing in a mass of fresh employment legislation.

They say the cost-inducing flood of regulations will start from April this year and there is not enough support to help firms cope with it all.

Ross Smith, NECC head of policy, said: “Firms face no fewer than seven major changes to employment law in this year alone and yet the level of support from the Government to help companies through this transition is virtually non-existent.

“Businesses are growing but the Government will need to do more to support companies if their expansion is to offset the level of spending cuts.”

NECC chiefs are urging the Government to act swiftly to identify and remove unnecessary legislative burdens on businesses.

They also want to see a more streamlined approach to employment law and are calling on politicians to take the time to get it right, rather than constantly tinkering with policy.