Reliving a golden era of 

1977 - DisGuise - Peter Scott, Alan Scully and Jimmy McKenna
1977 - DisGuise - Peter Scott, Alan Scully and Jimmy McKenna

A GOLDEN era of the Hartlepool music scene is being unearthed and posted onto the internet for prosperity.

A group of local music fans have been busy tidying up old video footage of acts who performed in the town between the late 1970s and mid 1990s.

People who remember the era can relive it, while new generations can discover what talent Hartlepool had, through the website Youtube.

The videos have been brought together at a dedicated channel called VainGloriousUK.

Jimmy McKenna, who performed with town band Disguise in the 1970s, is among those involved in the project.

He said: “The videos assembled are from what is the golden era of Hartlepool music from the late seventies to the mid nineties.

“The team have a bunch of other videos ready to upload once permissions have been confirmed from the principal performers such as Wendells Parlour at the Town Hall, The Bohemians, JAK at Hartlepool Town Hall and Lard King.”

The majority of the original videos were provided by Dave Emerson, a veteran of the local music scene, who made some of the original videos together with Hartlepool Sixth Form College students.

Videos already uploaded include Peterlee group The Rye at Dyke House School in 1989 when Tyne Tees TV crews visited.

You can also see DisGuise, from 1977, who were the first Hartlepool group to get a recording contract, synth duo The Secret Chocolate Eaters at Hartlepool College of Art in 1984 and the official opening of Hartlepool’s Durham Street Studios.

The team is currently looking to fill gaps from notable groups including Hartlepool’s White Negroes and White Spirit, featuring Janick Gers, who went on to find fame with Iron Maiden. If you have any footage, contact Jimmy McKenna on 07881 921059.