Reminder over fires at allotments

COUNCIL officials in Hartlepool have issued a reminder to allotment holders about the rules relating to open fires on their plots.

Environmental enforcement teams will be carrying out spot-checks throughout the year and have warned anyone found to be flouting the rules or lighting bonfires that cause a nuisance to residents could face eviction from their plots or prosecution.

The main rules include:

l Fires are only permitted on the first weekend of the month (Saturdays and Sundays from 12pm to 4pm) from October-March.

l Tenants must obtain a permit from Hartlepool Borough Council’s allotment team before setting their fire.

l Bonfires must be restricted to no more than one cubic metre in size or be contained in a metal brazier of approximately 45 gallons and only organic material may be burned.

l The burning of any materials producing black smoke, including rubber, plastic, foam or paint, is strictly forbidden as is the burning of any material brought on to the allotment from elsewhere which may cause environmental damage or harm to human health.

This would result in an immediate notice to quit and referral for prosecution under the 1990 Environmental Protection Act.

For more information call the allotment team on (01429) 523406 or at