Reminder over green waste recycling

COUNCIL chiefs have issued a recycling reminder after an increase in the number of green waste bins being contaminated with other rubbish.

Hartlepool Borough Council officials have revealed that tonnes of green waste put out in residents’ brown bins for kerbside collection are proving unsuitable for composting due to the presence of items such as food waste, black sacks, plastic plant pots and even wooden gate posts.

As a result, the waste which is usually sent to a local farm to be turned into compost, has to be dumped in a landfill site – a very expensive and environmentally-damaging option.

The local authority says that on one recent occasion a 16-tonne load of green waste had to be sent to landfill due to contamination, and it is now asking residents to carefully check what they are putting in their bins.

The council’s waste management team leader Fiona Srogi, said: “We are experiencing problems in a number of areas across the town where there seems to be genuine confusion about what exactly can go into a brown bin.

“For example, we sometimes find food waste such as potato peelings which can be composted at home but cannot be included in green waste put out for kerbside collection.”

More information about what can and can’t be recycled is available on the council’s website at