Residents and a school left without water in Hartlepool

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A VILLAGE has been left without water due to a broken mains pipe.

The fault happened in Greatham, Hartlepool, leaving homeowners and businesses without water.

The incident has also affected the village school, Greatham Church of England Primary School, in Egerton Terrace, and children are being sent home at 1pm today, Thursday, January 22.

Teachers have notified parents to make arrangements to collect youngsters.

Nicola Dunn, headteacher of Greatham Primary School, said: “The school is currently without a water supply so we sent a text message to parents and asked if they could collect their children from school at 1pm.

“We have spoken to the water authority which is providing us with temporary water in containers but because we can’t use the toilets I was left with no alternative but to close the school temporarily.

“We will be giving updates to parents via text messaging and our website.”

A text sent out to parents and carers reads: “There is no water in Greatham Village therefore the school will have to be closed.

“Please arrange to collect your child at 1pm.”

A message on the Hartlepool Water website states: “There is a broken main in Greatham.”