Residents anger at lack of action by Hartlepool Council over speeding drivers

Fred Smurthwaite pictured in Arncliffe Gardens.
Fred Smurthwaite pictured in Arncliffe Gardens.

A CONCERNED resident is still waiting for a council to investigate speeding drivers in the street where he lives – more than a year after he initially brought the problem to light.

Fred Smurthwaite appeared in the Mail back in June and hit out at speeding motorists who travel up Arncliffe Gardens at speeds of up to at least 50mph, despite it being a 20mph zone.

The 58-year-old dad-of-three and grandad-of-four, who fears someone will be killed on the road, said he initially made Hartlepool Borough Council aware of the speeding issue back in the summer of 2012, and when nothing was done about it he contacted the Mail in June.

But despite Hartlepool Borough Council officers saying then that they were “happy to carry out a survey of vehicle speeds on the road in the coming weeks”, nothing has yet been done about the problem.

Fred told the Mail: “It’s not good enough really is it? It seems to me that they weren’t going to do anything unless someone complained again, and it’s me again.

“I just feel really strongly about it because I see people speeding up and down here several times a day.

“The other day I was sat in my car in the street ready to go out with my grandaughter and someone drove past me so fast that the side wind rocked my car. That’s how bad it is and it’s not a one off.

“A council officer wouldn’t have to sit here for very long at all and they’d have the results they need to allow speed bumps to be put in this street.”

A spokesman for the council said the local authority was about to start the survey.

He said: “The 20mph speed limit and one way system in Arncliffe Gardens are designed to improve road safety and we will be starting our survey work very shortly to monitor driver speed in this area.”

Fred, a pipefitter and welder who has lived in the street for more than 30 years, added: “I can’t believe that they still haven’t done anything about it still and it’s now October. It’s fair enough the council saying the 20mph limit is for road safety but nobody takes a blind bit of notice of it.”