Residents asked for their opinions

Stuart Drummond speaking during last nights event at the Belle Vue Centre.
Stuart Drummond speaking during last nights event at the Belle Vue Centre.

RESIDENTS are urged to air their views ahead of a potential change to the way Hartlepool is run.

Hartlepool Borough Council recently took the first step which could result in a referendum to ask voters whether they want to retain the directly-elected mayor system in the town.

Current mayor Stuart Drummond was elected into the role in 2002. He was re-elected in 2005 and again in 2009.

But now householders have the opportunity over the next two weeks to help influence the future shape of the local authority.

It is anticipated that the referendum will take place on November 15. But by law only one alternative system can be put forward in the referendum to the current directly-elected mayor system.

Before the referendum the council is keen to seek the views of the local community on which alternative should appear on the referendum ballot paper.

The alternatives are:

● A leader who is an elected councillor.

● Committees made up of elected councillors.

Further details of the two systems are available in a leaflet which can be obtained from the Civic Centre, all libraries and other public/community buildings around Hartlepool. The leaflet asks residents which system they would prefer and can be download by visiting

The feedback from the consultation will help the council decide which alternative system appears on the ballot paper.

All responses must be received by Friday, July 20, and the council is expected to make a decision on August 2.

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