Residents rush to report problem potholes

SCORES of people have now joined the Mail’s Plot the Pots campaign to highlight the state of Hartlepool’s roads.

The Mail launched the Plot the Pots campaign after revealing the town’s roads are in an “atrocious” state following a huge rise in potholes caused by the winter weather.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s road chiefs have vowed to inspect any streets that Mail readers highlight as being blighted with problem potholes and so far 95 entries have been plotted on our pothole map.

Scores of town streets have been highlighted and have been forwarded onto Mike Blair, the council’s highways, traffic and transport manager, so they can be inspected.

Mr Blair said: “We will go out and inspect the streets that have been identified and we will take the appropriate action depending on the severity of the potholes that we find.”

He has vowed to send out experts to look at the roads and any potholes that are found to measure at least an inch-and-a-half deep and a foot long are aimed to be repaired within 24 hours.

Council chiefs have a target that any other potholes are repaired within 28 days.

The council has a patching squad that works solely on repairing potholes five-days-a-week and bosses say they are constantly working on repairs that cost the authority £300,000 last year.

It comes after the Mail reported claims that schoolboy Brogan Stabler needed emergency brain surgery after being thrown over the handlebars of his bike when his wheel got “stuck in a pothole”.

Brogan, 11, needed a four-hour operation to stem bleeding on his brain and to remove a blood clot after the accident.

His parents Lee and Clare Stabler say they were told by medics at one point that he might not pull through and have slammed Hartlepool Borough Council over the state of the roads.

People can report potholes to the council by calling (01429) 523333.