Residents say ‘someone could have been killed’ when car smashed into home

The scene of the collision.
The scene of the collision.

A homeowner said someone could have been killed after a car smashed into the front of a Hartlepool house.

The car ploughed into the front room of a house in Wynyard Road, close to the junction with Eskdale Road.

Interior of a house in Wynyard Road, Hartlepool.

Interior of a house in Wynyard Road, Hartlepool.

Locals said they have been left amazed that no-one has been killed or seriously hurt after the late-night smash.

It demolished the front of the house and neighbours said a chunk of brick pillar from the front wall was catapulted through the living room window of the house next door.

Mick Cosgrove was upstairs in the house on the other side at the time of the collision, around 10pm on Saturday.

He told the Mail: “We were going to go out so I went to get ready and he shouted up ‘Have you fallen down upstairs?’

They are scumbags, running away after doing this - they could have killed somebody.

Lisa Wilson

“I said: ‘No. Why?’ and he said ‘Because I have just heard an all-mighty crash.’

“Then when we went outside, there was a car parked through next door’s window.”

Vehicles failing to negotiate the junction and ploughing into anything opposite has been a regular problem, especially in bad weather, said 53-year-old Mick.

“I have lost two vans parked outside, my walls’s been down twice and next door’s once,” he said.

Mick Cosgrove and Joanne Stead who live next door.

Mick Cosgrove and Joanne Stead who live next door.

“When it’s icy, you can’t park anything outside because there is so much trouble with the junction.”

Mick’s partner Joanne Stead, 45, was amazed that no-one had been killed in the crash.

“How the driver has got out is unbelievable,” she said.

The house belongs to Lee and Lisa Wilson, who rent it out.

The scene of the collision. Pic:

The scene of the collision. Pic:

Although the couple have been left counting the cost of the accident, they are grateful there was no-one home at the time.

The couple had been enjoying a Saturday night out when they heard about what had happened.

“My phone was going, Lee’s phone was going, so we came straight down here,” said Lisa.

“The police were here, you name it - we couldn’t believe they had done this.”

Lisa said: “They are scumbags. They could have killed somebody.”

Lee said he is waiting to see how long the repairs will take.

“The insurers have said they will be out on Tuesday,” he said.

No-one from Cleveland Police was available to comment about the incident when contacted by the Mail.