Restaurant offers diners free taxis

Spencer and Rosie Hornsey pictured at the Seaton Carew business.
Spencer and Rosie Hornsey pictured at the Seaton Carew business.

RESTAURANT customers can get picked up at their front door and dropped off home absolutely free as part of an innovative scheme to drive business.

Visitors to Hornsey’s Bar and Grill, at Seaton Reach, in Seaton Carew, can enjoy their meal safe in the knowledge their free lift home is waiting outside.

The creative idea is the brainchild of restaurant owners Spencer Hornsey, 40, and wife Rosie, 38.

They say they want to do everything possible to help their customers, and hope the new scheme attracts people from throughout the town.

As well as helping customers to save money, it is also rules out the risk of drink driving.

“We were thinking of lots of different things we could do with our customers in mind,” said Spencer, a dad-of-three who has owned the restaurant since it was built six years ago.

“A lot of places give two-for-one deals, but our food is extremely reasonably priced as it is so we came up with this.”

Spencer struck a deal with 23 Taxis, based in Hartlepool’s Mainsforth Terrace.

The taxi firm will pick up and drop off any customers no matter where they live in town, and there won’t be a penny to pay.

“We are lucky to be in an amazing venue but it’s a shame that some people in Hartlepool can’t make it here,” added Spencer.

“Lots of people don’t have the means to run a car and there isn’t a bus service which drops people off outside so we wanted give the option to people town-wide.

“Sometimes a couple of people both want to have a drink, but obviously they can’t because one of them has to drive. Now they can just completely relax and enjoy their night.

“We have a fantastic relationship with 23 Taxis, they are a great service.”

All people have to do is get in touch with the restaurant, who will book a taxi to pick them up from home.

Customers also then have the guarantee of a free lift home at the end of the evening.

“We will have a taxi there for them within 30 minutes at the very most,” added Spencer, a dad of Colette, 16, Chrystal, 14, and Ruben, nine.”

He added: “This is a different business opportunity. It’s a different way of making money.

“We have weathered the storm here over the last five years but we would like to have a full restaurant all the time.”

“It doesn’t matter how big the party is, they can get dropped off wherever they want in the town.

The deal is also available to residents in Hartlepool’s surrounding villages of Greatham, Dalton Piercy, Elwick and Hart.

It is already in operation, and is already proving popular.

Spencer said: “I do expect this to be popular.

“People can come to the restaurant, enjoy the experience and not worry at all about driving home or having to book taxis.”