Rethink your recycling over holiday time

A WASTE management company is urging people to rethink their recycling during its busiest period of the year.

J & B Recycling, in Baltic Street, Hartlepool, will sort through thousands of tonnes of Christmas cards, wrapping paper and packaging as people and businesses throw out their festive waste.

In addition, more food waste and electrical items will be disposed of at Christmas than at any other time of the year.

It all adds up to a busy few weeks for companies such as J & B Recycling which handles more than 100,000 tonnes of waste a year from domestic and commercial customers.

Mark Penny, commercial manager at J & B Recycling, said: “Christmas time is always a challenge because of the sheer volumes we handle - and that’s where the public and our customers can help.

“But it’s not just people at home, commercial waste increases at Christmas too, particularly from bars and restaurants with all of the extra bottles and cans that they recycle.”

J & B Recycling – which manages 68 recycling sites across Teesside – has asked people to rethink their recycling by sorting as much of their waste as possible.

The company has given advice on what can and cannot be recycled at Christmas:

l Wrapping paper – metallic or plastic wrapping paper cannot go into your recycling container; it needs to go with the general waste. Only paper gift wrap can be recycled;

l Christmas cards – these are fine to go in your recycling container, but not if they have any glitter on them as this harms the recycling process;

l Old electrical goods – lots of electrical goods are thrown out at Christmas as people receive new gifts, particularly items such as hair driers, radios and TVs;

l Christmas packaging – this needs to be sorted into cardboard and plastics before it can be put into the recycling bin but please remove any plastic inserts from the boxes before doing so;

l Glass bottles, tins and cans – there’s a huge amount of bottles thrown out at Christmas.

These can be recycled if you have the appropriate recycling container at home and can also be taken to household recycling centres or bottle and can banks.