Retracing the journey of St Cuthbert

St. Cuthbert
St. Cuthbert

A MOMENTOUS journey which saved the remains of some of Britain’s most famous saints and an iconic book is retraced in a special exhibition.

In the ninth century, the Vikings came to conquer the North-East coast.

Fearing for their lives, the monks of Lindisfarne and the community of St Cuthbert left their holy island for what was to be a seven-year journey that helped shape England.

Only seven monks were allowed to touch the cart which carried their belongings through ancient Northumbria.

On the cart was the coffin and body of St Cuthbert, preserved after his death almost 200 years earlier, with the Lindisfarne Gospels, the head of St Oswald, and the bones of St Aidan.

For the Lindisfarne Gospels Durham exhibition, acclaimed writer Richard W Hardwick and award-winning photographer Paul Alexander Knox retraced the route in 2013.

The exhibition of their tour, ‘Retraced: St Cuthbert’s Final Journey’, is at Hartlepool Central Library until October 31.

There will be a chance to meet Richard and Paul on Monday, from 6pm-7pm, followed by a photography lecture and workshop led by Paul. On October 22 from 6pm-9pm, Richard will lead a creative writing workshop.