REVEALED: Investigation shows Cleveland Police has five employees on £100k or more

Cleveland Police Headquarters.
Cleveland Police Headquarters.

A probe by campaign group the Tax Payers' Alliance has revealed how many people in police forces across the country earn £100,000 or more.

Cleveland Police has five people, including the chief constable, earning £100,000 or more.

The research has said these figures are based on the assumption that those on remuneration bands of £90,000 would rise to £100,000 or more, including pensions.

The chief constable's salary is £182,733.

The figures are for 2013-14.

Jonathan Isaby, Chief Executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: "The men and women working in these services do tough, dangerous jobs for which the public are grateful, but that only makes it even more infuriating when those at the top continue to get taxpayer-funded deals and pay-offs that are completely out of step with reality.

"Necessary savings are being made and this reality must be reflected in the pay packages for the top brass."

Durham Police has six people earning £100,000 or more. One person for Durham Police and Crime Commissioner also earns more than £100,000. No one at the force rises above £150,000 or £200,000.

The Metropolitan Police has the most employees taking home a big salary, with 206 on £100,000 or more. Six people earn £200,000 or more.