Reveller left red-faced

George Evans
George Evans

A hapless reveller was left red-faced after a prank by his mates left him walking stark naked through his village.

George Evans, 31, who wandered through Shotton in nothing but his shoes and socks – and after drinking all day, was oblivious to the blushes of families nearby.

The incident happened around 5.30pm on Saturday, July 7, and attracted the attention of a passing police officer.

Evans, of West Street, Shotton, carried on walking, while drinking from a beer bottle, but failed to try to hide his modesty, Peterlee Magistrates’ Court heard.

Debra Jones, prosecuting, said: “I anticipate members of the public will have been alarmed to see a naked man on a Saturday in Shotton.”

She said police were called to Dunelm Place and people “of all ages”, including children, were nearby when he was arrested.

In police interview, Evans said he had become “very drunk” and his friends had been larking around and the next thing he knew he ended up naked.

Evans, who had never been in trouble before, admitted a public order offence after a charge of outraging public deceny was dropped, as well as theft of bottles of cola and vodka from the Thandi store in the village on June 16.

Evans, who was given a four-month conditional discharge, said: “I’m mortified, I blame my friends – I was paralytic and they played a prank on me.”