REVIEW: Michael McIntyre: Happy & Glorious, Metro Radio Arena, Newcastle

Michael McIntyre
Michael McIntyre

Ever wondered what happened to the Christmas cracker toys or why kids' are so good at thumb wars? Well, that's because normal people don't, but for Michael McIntyre they are a rich seam of comedy gold.

Any fears that the powers of observation from comedy giant Michael McIntyre were on the wane, were dispelled at a sold-out Metro Radio Arena last night as the record-breaking comic bounded, on his tip-toes, into town.

The banality of parenthood and eccentricities of modern of living were once again exposed for laughs by the king of observational comedy.

No gimmicks, no song and dance routines, no special effects... what you got was an hour and a half of King Mike in full flow giving both barrels to everyday living and the audience lapped it up.

"Kids these days have iPads and iPhones," he lamented, "What did we have when we were kids? I Spy!"

Let's face it, Michael McIntyre is not going to bring down a government with razor sharp political satire. He has no edge. What he brings to the stage is a cuddly well-rounded Middle Class take on the small things in life we can all understand.

While others put the boot in Cameron and Corbyn, McIntyre provides welcome relief by tackling such heavyweight concerns as his take on the rope system of queueing and the typical holidaymaker's torturous route to entering a swimming pool.

His act has moved on with him. As one of the biggest stars in comedy, he can now afford a country pile in Wiltshire which, rather than dull his comedic mind, only served to provide hilarious anecdotes about the horror of the countryside after dark.

But he was at his best taking the Mickey out of himself and pondering that most inexplicable of creatures ... the wife. "How come we only hear about the tether, when she reaches the end of it?" Why is there no middle ground? No warning?

And his observations on the sacred sleeping rituals of man and wife and how the reality of sharing a bed differs wildly from that which we see in the movies was absolutely priceless.

All in all, it was a a glorious return to the North East which left everybody happy. King Mike's comedy reign continues...

Michael McIntyre: Happy & Glorious with special guest Paul Tonkinson, is also on Saturday, November 28. Tickets costing £35 and £50 are available online at, from the booking hotline number 0844 493 6666 or in person from the Metro Radio Arena Box Office.