Rewards for thinking about environment

THE future’s bright – the future’s green.

Eco-conscious people are being sought for the Mail’s Pride of Hartlepool Awards.

The initiative to honour the town’s unsung heroes features 12 categories including Green Group and Green Champion.

Environmentally conscious people have a massive role to play in Hartlepool and scores of people are actively embracing greener, cleaner lifestyles.

The Green Group Award is being sponsored by Hartlepool Power Station and the Green Champion Award is being sponsored by Northumbrian Water.

The awards will recognise individuals or groups of people who actively promote green, environmental and sustainability issues to the benefit of the community.

They could include individuals or families who have made conscious decisions to live greener lives or businesses and organisations who have improved working environments by promoting green practices.

A spokesman for Hartlepool Power Station, run by EDF Energy, said: “EDF Energy has the ambition to be a leader in sustainability and with the majority of electricity supplied by EDF Energy now coming from low-carbon sources I would imagine that most people would be surprised if we weren’t.”

The electricity that Hartlepool Power Station generated in 2010 saved the release of almost five million tonnes of CO2 from burning fossil fuel – that’s equivalent to taking seven per cent of the cars off the road for a year.

“It isn’t just about where our electricity comes from though – part of our sustainability leadership ambition includes ‘acting locally’ in the community whenever practicable.

“This is why we are so proud to be sponsoring the gree/sustainability class in the Mail’s Pride of Hartlepool Awards.”

Alistair Baker, Northumbrian Water’s public relations and communications manager, said: “As one of the region’s largest environmental companies, we recognise the impact we have and work hard to protect and improve the areas we operate in. We are committed to minimising the impact of our operations and promoting positive environmental outcomes.

“One example is our move towards ‘green power’ at our main treatment works on Teesside and Tyneside, where sludge remaining after sewage treatment will be turned into electricity to power the plants.

“We also help our customers to reduce their impact on the environment through our ‘BAD HABITS cost the earth’ campaign, which encourages people to use water wisely.

“Northumbrian Water is proud to be sponsoring the Green Champion award for the first time at the Pride of Hartlepool awards, recognising pioneering individuals and organisations who share the same values as ourselves.”

The Pride of Hartlepool Awards were launched to recognise and celebrate the achievements of people from all walks of life whose selfless dedication lights up the lives of others and whose actions usually go unnoticed.

Nomination forms can be found at or by contacting Paul Watson on (01429) 239361 or at

The deadline for nominations is March 5 and a presentation ceremony will be held at Hartlepool College of Further Education on Thursday, March 24, from 6.30pm.