'RIP Seaton Carew' - your reaction as council reveals proposal for parking charges

The fate of Seaton Carew's seasonal parking charges will be sealed at a meeting in Hartlepool on Monday.

Friday, 19th January 2018, 10:35 am
Updated Friday, 19th January 2018, 10:40 am
The charges were introduced last year.
The charges were introduced last year.

The Borough Council has proposed that the charges, which launched last May on an experimental basis, be made permanent going forward.

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It is proposed that charges be in force from April 1 to October 31, between 9am-6pm, seven days a week.

Charges would remain at £1 for up to two hours, £1.50 for up to four hours and £2 to park all day. They are proposed to apply in the Sea View, Rocket House and Coronation Drive car parks and on-street on The Front and The Cliff (eastern side only).

Councillors will decide on the scheme at Monday's meeting, which starts at 6pm at Hartlepool Civic Centre.

Here's how you reacted on social media:

Adam Rollinson: "One of the highest council tax rates in the country and we have the pleasure of paying to park on a seafront with about eight shops, shouldn’t the council be promoting tourism and encouraging people to go to Seaton as opposed to charging them?"

Graeme Scott: "Not a good day for democracy."

Paul Moore Snr: "What you do need to realise is the parking charges were not the death knell of Seaton Carew. Far from it, it was busy as ever in the summer ... let's face it if you can't afford £2 to park you won't be coming anyway."

"The way some portray it, the place was empty in the summer. I can assure you it wasn't and the parking was as troublesome as ever."

Carol Burton: "The council made money out of the parking so of course it was going to stay, I don't understand why people moan about paying a couple of quid to park, I've paid a lot more in other places."

Nadia Flounders: "Shocking going to affect business down there some lovely place down Seaton front. [There] ain't enough parking spaces and to make people pay is shocking."

Sarah Green: "For God's sake! Its £2 all day! Is this all some people have to whinge about?

"You had to pay years ago in this car park! I've been to plenty of seaside towns and you've had to pay far more for far less, it's not stopped people from going still, it's always been chocca when I've been on a weekend."

Mark Topping: "RIP Seaton Carew."

Alison Hall: "Don't begrudge the pound ... just the system they've put in."

The scheme also provides set business permit areas, resident permit parking areas, free one-hour disc parking on The Front around businesses, and free two-hour disc parking area in the Station Lane car park. More on-street disabled parking is also proposed on The Front.

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