Road work project to cause traffic delays in Hartlepool for the next ten weeks

Traffic queued on Belle Vue Way.
Traffic queued on Belle Vue Way.

COMMUTERS faced delays while travelling on a main route in and out of Hartlepool today due to road works.

Drivers were held up in massive queues as workmen were underway with repairs and improvements on the Belle Vue Way, Brenda Road roundabout on the A689.

Motorists were held in tailbacks for at least 10 minutes from the Owton Manor Lodge roundabout heading north into Hartlepool, while south-bound traffic were caught up in similar length queues.

The project - which will take about another 10 weeks to complete - will include completely rebuilding and resurfacing the road around the roundabout, plus the installation of better drainage.

It will also involve widening Brenda Road on the northbound approach to the roundabout to create a new left turn filter lane onto the A689 to help tackle the long traffic queues which build up on Brenda Road during busy periods.