Roads cash is ‘lowest in country’

HARTLEPOOL has been awarded the lowest amount of Government transport ministers cash compared to anywhere else in the country.

The Department of Transport has granted Hartlepool Borough Council £221,000 for its roads until 2015.

This is compared to the £455,000 given to Middlesbrough, £565,000 given to Stockton, and £2.8m given to County Durham.

In other areas of the country, Cumbria received £5.9m, and North Yorkshire received £6m.

A spokeswoman for the Department of Transport said Hartlepool’s entitlement was fair as the cash was allocated on the amount of roads in each local authority.

But Hartlepool’s MP Iain Wright disagreed, saying: “Going down the list of road repairs that we’ve got in the town and the pot holes that need fixing, we didn’t get a great proportion of the budget.

“We are a relatively small town but I think other criteria should be taken into consideration such as the level of economic development.

“If you improve the road network in terms of construction and maintenance then more employment can be provided.

“Anybody know who uses Hartlepool roads how some of them are in dire need of repair and maintenance but the Government hasn’t listened to that at all.”

She said: “Hartlepool has the lowest number of road miles and the amount of cash received goes on the number of roads.

“Hartlepool will get the same amount of money per miles of road as everywhere else in the country. It just so happens to be the smallest so it obviously gets the least.”