Rogue greyhound trainer banned indefinitely by industry body

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A rogue greyhound trainer has been banned indefinitely from the sport on animal welfare grounds.

Malcolm Taylor, who raced dogs at Sunderland Stadium, was struck off by a Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) disciplinary panel earlier this month.

Mr Taylor, based at Field House Farm, Hartlepool, is now excluded from any premises licensed by the GBGB after the hearing took place in his absence.

It follows an inspection by Investigating Officer Chris Hufton, and Area Stipendiary Steward, Alex McTaggart, on February 1, concerning poor conditions and welfare issues at Mr Taylor’s kennels.

The committee report read: “The main kennel block had an overwhelming obnoxious odour as a result of poor ventilation and drainage.

“Further, there were greyhounds kept in unlicensed dilapidated kennels on the site.

“Some of the 13 greyhounds there were in poor condition and severely underweight.

“Although Mr Taylor said the dogs in the unlicensed kennels were all retired, the first one he brought out of the kennels was a dog which had raced at Sunderland the previous day.

“The unlicensed kennels were in very bad condition and did not appear to have been cleaned for a substantial period.”

The panel heard Mr McTaggart asked Sunderland Stadium vet Dr Alan Dawson to inspect the greyhounds.

“One greyhound showed a weight loss of 5.4kg down from 29.1kg in October 2016,” the report added. “Several other greyhounds also were recorded as in poor condition.”

The panel was told Mr Taylor’s kennel books contained discrepancies, including the treatment book, which showed that another dog had been on antibiotics on a day when it was run in a trial at Sunderland.

Mr Taylor had worming tablets in a foreign language, which were not approved by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), and there were 58 greyhounds on the premises when there was a licence in place only for 45.

The licence was immediately suspended.

Dr Dawson said in a report that he believed Mr Taylor had been negligent in his care of certain individual greyhounds under his charge.

Along with this, there was a failing to adequately maintain a suitable environment for the housing of such a large number of greyhounds.

Three of the dogs in the most concerning condition were collected by an animal ambulance on February 3.

The hearing was told that Mr Taylor said he had written the wrong dates in the treatment book and that he claimed that the greyhounds in the unlicensed kennels belonged to someone else.

The report concluded: “The committee was extremely concerned at the reports that were presented and by the photographic evidence.

“The committee noted that Mr Taylor had not sought advice from the GBGB or acknowledged the seriousness of the issues raised about his kennels.

“He asserted that there was a vendetta against him but this view was not supported by the evidence and was rejected by the committee in the light of the overwhelming evidence about the unacceptable condition of his kennels.

“The welfare of greyhounds is the GBGB’s absolute priority.

“In the circumstances, the committee ordered that Mr Taylor be warned off indefinitely.”