Rooftop stories

Bedtime reading at St Cuthbert's Primary School, in Hartlepool
Bedtime reading at St Cuthbert's Primary School, in Hartlepool

CHILDREN have been learning the importance of bedtime reading thanks to teachers at their school.

Staff at St Cuthbert’s RC Primary School, in Stratford Road, have made reading a priority this academic year and invited children to come into school on an evening to listen to stories from their teachers.

The weather stayed fair for the reading session which meant staff were able to take the children and their parents on to the school roof, which has a garden area, at St Cuthbert’s.

It was open to all of the children in the school and staff say dozens attended, along with their parents.

The children were given milk and were allowed to come in their pyjamas to the reading session, which was held earlier this month, between 6pm and 7pm.

Staff - who say the children “loved” the rooftop reading sessions - say it was aimed at showing how beneficial reading can be and that children can read a book anywhere.

Joanne Wilson, headteacher at the school, said: “A story evening was held in the summer sunshine at St Cuthbert’s on the roof garden to promote the importance of reading with children and enjoyment of books together.

“There has been a massive drive this year to promote the love of reading and the importance of reading. For this particular event the children came in wearing their pyjamas and were given milk.

“The staff led the reading and because it was a nice night we went up onto the roof for the reading session.

“It was aimed at promoting the importance of bedtime reading because we know all children don’t get that opportunity and reading is one of the biggest skills you can have and the benefits are far reaching.

“The children came in their pyjamas and they all really seemed to enjoy themselves.

“We also wanted to show that reading can happen anywhere and we were pleased with how the event went.”

It was a school-wide event attended by around 80 children and their parents.