Rossmere Way plan is given the green light

Rossmere Way
Rossmere Way

A £55,000 scheme aimed at boosting safety in a busy town road has been given the green light by councillors.

Hartlepool Borough Council’s neighbourhood services committee met at the Civic Centre yesterday and approved the schemes to improve Rossmere Way.

The project, which will be funded through the Local Transport Plan, will see double yellow lines located on each junction entering onto Rossmere Way and segregated right turn lanes at each junction along the busy road.

A pedestrian crossing will be installed on the east of Dundee Road, near to the Sure Start Centre, while parking lay-bys will also be installed opposite the Dundee Road junction and slow markings and central hatching at various points.

The scheme was proposed on the back of a number of complaints raised by residents in the area who were concerned about the speed of traffic and general road safety in Rossmere Way.

Putting Hartlepool First Councillor Steve Gibbon, who represents the Fens and Rossmere ward and is a member of the neighbourhood services committee, welcomed the scheme.

He told the Mail: “I am very pleased.

“Quite a few people have contacted the ward councillors raising concerns in regards to speeding traffic down Rossmere Way and a number of near-accidents.

“We have done speed checks with police and any scheme to resolve the traffic concerns is welcomed by myself.

“There is a playing field across the road and I know when teams aren’t using it young children do play there.

“I’m not sure of the timescale of the work being carried out, but the sooner the better.”

Around 260 letters were sent out to residents and 10 letters of objection were received.

Nine of the 10 letters of objection concerned a proposal to put double yellow lines in the vicinity to St. James Court but since receiving the objections, that element has been removed.

The council received no objections from the police or other emergency services.

A report by Alastair Smith, assistant director of neighbourhoods, said: “The proposed scheme will help reduce traffic speed and improve road safety on Rossmere Way,”