Rucksack snatched by thief

A PROLIFIC thief with a criminal record spanning 18 years has appeared in court again after he snatched a tattooist’s rucksack worth £600.

Persistent criminal Anthony Jemmett watched as Alex Williamson, part owner of Faithless Ink Tattoo Studio, in York Road, Hartlepool, put down his rucksack to manoeuvre his motorbike into the premises.

Hartlepool Magistrates’ Court heard how Mr Williamson spotted 35-year-old Jemmett peering into the window and felt suspicious of him.

Mr Williamson went back outside the shop and discovered Jemmett and his rucksack had gone.

Prosecuting, Chris Williamson said: “The complainant, Mr Williamson, part owner of Faithless Ink Tattoo Studio, arrived at work on his motorbike at 9.30am with his colleague.

“He dismounted from his motorbike to open the front door and took off his ruck sack and placed it on the ground, while he manoeuvred the cycle into the shop.

“He saw the defendant peering into the shop and thought it was suspicious. He went back outside and discovered the defendant and the rucksack had disappeared.”

He added: “Mr Williamson valued the rucksack and its contents at £600 and of that £420 was cash which was takings over the last few days which he had in his wallet.”

There were also bank cards, a pair of glasses, keys and a mobile phone inside the bag.

Jemmett, of Sydenham Road, Hartlepool, who has 54 convictions for 124 offences to his name, pleaded guilty to committing the theft on July 19, but claimed there was just £180 in the wallet.

Mitigating, John Relton said: “He has a lengthy criminal record dating back to 1993 which started to fund a drug problem. That then became overtaken by an addiction to alcohol and alcohol had been at the core of his recent offending.

“He has, however, been making good progress and if his awful addiction can be addressed then I have no doubt in my mind his offending will diminish further.”

Chairman of the magistrates’ bench Janet Watson sentenced Jemmett to an 18-month community order with 18 months supervision, a 28-day curfew from 7pm to 7am and ordered him to pay £250 compensation.