Runaway OAP back in court

Frank Burgon
Frank Burgon

A RUNAWAY pensioner skipped bail on serious sex charges by using his brother’s passport.

Frank Burgon, 76, fled the country more than a year ago while awaiting trial.

He was finally produced before a judge at Teesside Crown Court yesterday after a European manhunt for him was launched to track him down.

It emerged Burgon had used his brother’s passport, without his knowledge, to get out of the country.

He was picked up by Spanish police on the holiday island of Gran Canaria, in the Mediterranean, on Sunday, December 29.

Burgon was brought back to the UK to face the allegations.

He admitted breaching his bail by failing to attend at the crown court without a reasonable excuse on March 5 last year.

Tim Gittins, prosecuting, said: “He failed to surrender to custody to face allegations of rape and indecent assaults of a historic nature.

“It was known he had absconded to Europe and appears he used his brother’s passport without his brother’s knowledge.

“There was a European arrest warrant which was executed a little while ago.”

Burgon was granted bail back in November 2012 but went on to miss several court appearances including one when the trial was set to proceed.

He appeared in the dock wearing a red T-shirt under a grey hoodie.

The trial is now scheduled to go ahead on Tuesday, May 6.

Burgon, of Field House Farm, Dalton Piercy, denies rape, attempted rape and three counts of indecent assault against a youngster.

He was remanded in custody until the day of the trial and there was no application for bail from his barrister.

Judge Michael Taylor said: “You will be remanded in custody until your trial.”