Runner says thanks to Good Samaritan

Jogger Charlie Eastwood
Jogger Charlie Eastwood

A JOGGER has thanked a mystery driver who came to his aid after he was knocked over by a car.

Charlie Eastwood was out running in Hart Lane, in Hartlepool, when a car struck him on the leg as it came out of a driveway.

Mr Eastwood, 53, was knocked over by the blow to his right leg, but escaped serious injury.

The driver stopped at the scene and offered assistance, but within minutes a woman driving on the opposite side of the road pulled over and went to help, before taking Mr Eastwood home.

He said: “I left home and was intending to go to Hart village and back which I do quite a often.

“I was running up Hart Lane when a car pulled out of the drive and knocked me over.

“Luckily, it was a glancing blow that just caught my calf with the bumper which knocked me off balance and knocked me over.

“I scuffed my knee on the concrete, but I was in shock more than anything.

“There was lots of traffic coming, but nobody seemed to stop. It was a woman on the opposite side of the road heading towards Hart who stopped.

“She thought I was having a heart attack or something because all she saw me on the floor.”

After five minutes Mr Eastwood got to his feet and the woman gave him a lift to his home in Sandringham Road.

Luckily, he did not need to go to hospital.

Married Mr Eastwood, unemployed, contacted the Mail to thank the mystery Good Samaritan.

He said: “I didn’t ask her name, but would like to let her know that I am ok after she went out of her way to take me home and to say thank you to her.”

l WERE you the woman who stopped for Charlie? If so contact the Mail on (01429) 239380.