Safety measures to be increased at site of Hartlepool crash

The scene of the incident on Marina Way on Wednesday.
The scene of the incident on Marina Way on Wednesday.

Safety measures are set to be put in place on a Hartlepool road following the tragic death of schoolboy Ethan Owens.

Road chiefs at Hartlepool Borough Council have confirmed that vehicle-activated signs will be introduced on Marina Way.

It comes after nine-year-old Ethan died after being hit by a car there on February 27 this year.

There was a further incident on Marina Way on Wednesday after a crash caused extensive damage to road barriers.

Officers at Stranton Fire Station said a vehicle had collided with the roadside railing.

It now appears that measures to increase safety on the road will soon be introduced.

A Hartlepool Borough Council spokesman said: “We do not have details of what caused Wednesday’s accident on Marina Way, so it would not be appropriate for us to comment on that.

“However, following the fatal accident on that section of road earlier this year, we considered road safety options in conjunction with the police and we are planning to install two electronic vehicle-activated signs on that section of road – one sign in each direction.

“These signs will display the 30mph symbol and the speed camera image, to encourage slower speeds on the road.”

Wednesday’s incident involved just one vehicle.

A Cleveland Police spokesman said: “A silver BMW collided with a barrier.

“No other vehicles were involved, and there were no injuries. The vehicle was recovered.”

Although speed did not to have played a role in this incident, Mail readers described the road as a danger.

On the Mail’s Facebook page, Michael Walback posted: “I think they should put up a speed camera seeing as though it’s quite a accident-prone road.”

Andy Simms added: “I often see cars driven at speed on this road, especially coming off the bridge.

“I also see lots of people driving while using mobile devices.

“This is one of the most pedestrian dense roads in the town with two crossings on.

“It should have speed cameras.”

Ray Fowler wrote: “You’d be surprised just how many drivers think Marina Way is a 40mph road when in fact it’s 30mph from Middleton Road, right through to the pedestrian crossing at Tesco in Belle View Way.

“Then it changes to 40mph.”

Mark Newton said: “I’d put a speed camera there.”