Safety plans for three Hartlepool roads

Rossmere Way
Rossmere Way
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COUNCILLORS were meeting today to discuss a series of schemes aimed at boosting safety in a busy road.

Hartlepool Borough Council is looking to improve Rossmere Way after complaints about speeding traffic and general road safety.

The cost of the proposed scheme is £55,000 and will be funded through the Local Transport Plan, if approved today.

Officers want to:

• Introduce segregated right turn lanes at each junction along Rossmere Way.

• Double yellow lines located on each junction entering onto Rossmere Way,

• A pedestrian crossing installed on the east of Dundee Road, near the Sure Start Centre.

• Install parking lay-bys opposite the Dundee Road junction and slow markings and central hatching at various points.

The council’s neighbourhood services committee was due to meet at the Civic Centre to discuss the proposals.

The speed limit is 30mph and officers say over the three years between 2010 and 2012, there has been six slight accidents recorded.

A report by Alastair Smith, assistant director of neighbourhoods, said: “The proposed scheme will help reduce traffic speed and improve road safety on Rossmere Way.”

Around 260 letters were sent out to residents and 10 letters of objection were received but the police and other emergency services had no objections.

The report added nine of the letters concerned one element of the scheme, which was a proposal to put double yellow lines in the vicinity to St. James Church but since receiving the objections, that element has been removed.

SPEED limits on two Hartlepool roads look set to be cut to 20mph after plans received backing from residents.

Hartlepool Borough Council is looking to curb the speed limit from 30mph in Serpentine Road and the Cresswell Road area.

Residents in the Serpentine Road area had requested it become 20mph in order to improve road safety and following the council’s own scrutiny investigation in 2011, it was agreed that smaller, self-contained areas, could become 20mph zones where residents were in favour.

Councillors on the neighbourhood services committee were due to meet today to discuss the proposals.

Alastair Smith, assistant director of neighbourhoods, said: “The first phase of consultation was with the Serpentine Road area and from 80 letters sent out to residents and councillors, there were 28 responses in favour and seven opposed to the proposal.

“A large number of the comments received asked that the scheme be extended to include the bend and the junction with Cresswell Road.

“As a result, a second round of consultation was undertaken to include the Cresswell Road area.

“The results showed that from 70 letters sent out to residents and councillors, there were 18 responses in favour and seven opposed to the proposal.”

Mr Smith said the reason for the recommendation was to “provide a road safety enhancement within the area, following a positive consultation exercise”.

The plans would cost the council around £400.