Savannah tipped for glory

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HARTLEPOOL boxing sensation Savannah Marshall has come a long way since she first walked into her local club when she was just 12-years-old.

At that time she was the only female member of Hartlepool Headland Boxing Club but her drive and determination impressed her male counterparts.

Now the reigning women’s World Champion stands on the verge of Olympic success at her first games.

Remembering the 21-year-old’s early days, her coach Tim Coulter told the Mail: “Female boxing was very new at the time and there weren’t any other girls in the gym.

“It was between 18 months and two years before she had her first contest but Savannah stuck at it from day one.

“I could see right from the start that she had the right make up.”

Savannah will go for gold in the Women’s 75 kilo Middleweight Boxing which starts on Sunday, August 5.

She could fight a total of four times if she makes it all the way to the final, scheduled for Thursday, August 2.

Tim, 45, will watch her alongside Savannah’s family and is confident she will do the town proud.

He will also take another promising Hartlepool fighter, 13-year-old Sadie Thomas.

He added: “Savannah is another 10 per cent fitter, stronger and faster than when she won the World Championships in May.

“If the others haven’t upped their game they are going to be in for a surprise.

“We are not only proud for Hartlepool but also for our club to have an Olympian and world champion. It’s brilliant.”

Savannah’s friends and family, including parents John Marshall, 52, and Christine Dee, 52, waved her off earlier this week after an emotional farewell party.

They will then be travelling down to the Games to back Savannah in the hope she will return with a gold medal.

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