‘Save our park from yobs’ plea

Councilllors Ray Wells and Brenda Loynes pictured in Ward Jackson Park.
Councilllors Ray Wells and Brenda Loynes pictured in Ward Jackson Park.

RESIDENTS are being urged to work together to cut out anti-social behaviour in a popular park.

Conservative councillor Brenda Loynes, of the Park ward, says Ward Jackson Park is the jewel in Hartlepool’s crown, but is worried by a recent increase in anti-social behaviour.

She says youngsters have been camping in the park and leaving lager cans and rubbish in the pond.

Teenagers have also been spotted skateboarding on and around the park’s fountain.

Coun Loynes says she understands that youngsters are going to enjoy the outdoors during the summer, but is urging them to respect the park and their fellow residents.

She said: “It’s just a respect thing really.

“Ward Jackson Park is such a fantastic facility in the town and is enjoyed by thousands of people, but we need to keep it in prime condition.

“The police do an absolutely fantastic job and the council fund a lot of money for the town to enjoy the park. Unfortunately quite a few things have come to light over the last few weeks.”

CCTV cameras and warning notices have been put up in the park and extra police patrols were launched in June in a bid to clampdown on anti-social behaviour.

Conservative group leader, Coun Ray Wells, said last month that the measures were having a positive effect.

Residents had the chance to have their say at an event which was held in the park on Friday.

Agencies including anti-social behaviour teams and crime prevention officers spoke to the public about what can be done to cut out the bad behaviour.

Coun Loynes added: “The police have been absolutely fantastic with us over the years and have been a real help.

“The levels of anti-social behaviour have cut down over the years and we are asking residents to pull together to help to cut it out for good.”

Anyone who witnesses anti-social behaviour in the park should contact their local neighbourhood police officers, or any of the ward councillors.