Save your money

Teacher Laura Spalding with  Barnard Grove Primary School pupils
Teacher Laura Spalding with Barnard Grove Primary School pupils

THRIFTY youngsters learned about the importance of finance during a recent school project – and even got the chance to put their new-found knowledge to the test.

After a week of classroom activities learning about finance, spending and the difference between essentials and luxuries, the children at Barnard Grove Primary School made some useful purchases of their own.

The four Year 5 and 6 classes at the school, in Hartlepool, were split into groups and each given £50 to buy some indoor playtime games.

Staff said it gave the youngsters an insight into how to keep to a budget.

After discussions between themselves, the youngsters in the groups bought items including a number of board games and a table football set.

They can enjoy the games and activities throughout the winter when bad weather stops them from going outside during their break and lunch times.

Laura Spalding, a Year 5 and 6 teacher at the school, off King Oswy Drive, said the youngsters thoroughly enjoyed the project.

Miss Spalding said: “Our finance week in school was a real success.

“The children learned a lot about budgeting and its importance and it also gave them the chance to use what they had learned in a real life situation.

“We needed some indoor playtime activities and the children went about the project with real responsibility.”

The children at the school were also visited by staff from Middlesbrough FC as part of the Middlesbrough in the Community scheme.

They also spoke to the youngsters about finance and the importance of keeping to a budget in everyday life.