Scheme to make county cleaner

A COUNCIL is backing a major campaign which aims to keep communities greener and cleaner.

LitterFree Durham’s Big Spring Clean will run from March 19 to April 16 and will see Durham County Council join forces with residents of all ages to spruce up the area through organised litterpicks.

It is hoped schools, community groups and individuals will lend their support, with the local authorities providing people with the equipment they need to carry out the work.

There will also be a number of big events organised by Litterfree Durham, where anyone who wants to can just go along and join in.

LitterFree Durham and the council’s civic pride team will be offering follow up education sessions to help spread the word about the impact of litter on the county’s environment and the damage it causes.

Cabinet member for Streetscene, Coun Brian Stephens, says it’s a great campaign to support.

He added: “I am really pleased to be able to support the campaign which will help not only improve our streets and playgrounds, but help educate everyone on why it is important to help us keep them that way.”

Kit Bartram, of LitterFree Durham, said: “So much litter is dropped these days that it’s really important the public support their local authority in keeping the streets, pavements and countryside clean.

“Over the last four years councils throughout England have increased their annual spending on litter removal by 49 per cent to a staggering £858m, but in most places we still see lots of litter.

“In these days of austerity councils cannot go on spending more. The Big Spring Clean is a chance for everyone to help out and a chance for local communities to show their pride in their environment.”

To find out more about LitterFree Durham, email call or text 07572531725 or log onto and select the link in this story.