Schoolboy Isaac’s grilling goes viral

English Martyrs School and Sixth Form student Isaac Duffy. Picture by FRANK REID
English Martyrs School and Sixth Form student Isaac Duffy. Picture by FRANK REID

A VIDEO of a teenager grilling Labour leader Ed Miliband at a major rally has attracted thousands of hits on the internet.

Isaac Duffy, 14, managed to get himself to the front of stage at the Durham Miners’ Gala last weekend and fired questions at Mr Miliband as he met with members of the public after finishing his speech.

The English Martyrs School and Sixth Form College pupil quizzed him over Labour’s record on youth unemployment but the Labour leader, who initially leaned in to listen, appeared to soon back away on the video.

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The short video has since become an internet hit with around 10,000 views on You Tube and Isaac, a Conservative supporter, said he has had around 600 mentions on the social media site Twitter.

Isaac, who is a member of Hartlepool Conservative Future, said it was not a stunt and said the video, filmed by his friend, Charlotte Berry, 14, was “spur of the moment”.

Isaac, who lives on the Bishop Cuthbert estate in town and wants to be an MP, said: “I was disappointed he didn’t answer my questions.

“If he is going to run for Prime Minister then he should be able to answer a question from a 14-year-old boy.

“I would like to see him do Prime Minister’s questions.

“I didn’t expect the video to go viral, but the response has been amazing, 10,000 people have viewed it online and it is good because it shows people the truth.”

In the short 27 second video Isaac shouts “Mr Miliband”.

The Labour leader then leans in and Isaac asks: “Do you think your pandering to your union pay masters will be your downfall in the Labour Party?”

Mr Miliband then smiled and turned away. Isaac shouts after him: “And you talked about youth unemployment even though youth unemployment rose by 40 per cent when Labour were in Government.”

There is no response from Mr Miliband and Isaac says “no answer, no answer” into the camera.

Speaking to the Mail, Isaac, who lives with his mum Christine Duffy, 46 and dad Kevin Duffy, 46, said: “I managed to get right to the front of the stage and just took the opportunity to ask a question.

“It wasn’t a stunt, it was just spur of the moment.

“He definitely heard what I said, he just couldn’t answer me and tried to get away as quickly as he could.

“I take a very keen interest in politics and I want to be an MP when I get older,” added Isaac who has been going to the Durham Miners Gala since he was a young child.

Nobody from Mr Miliband’s office was available for comment when approached by the Mail.