Science the Disney way

Ashton Maisie Smith with a Disney Book. Picture by FRANK REID
Ashton Maisie Smith with a Disney Book. Picture by FRANK REID

BUDDING scientists can learn about the wonders of their favourite subject when the latest title in the magical Disney series becomes available next week.

From finding out about lights and shadows to magnets and electricity, The Marvels of Science is jam-packed with colour, illustration and a host of useful facts.

Young children can keep their eyes peeled for their favourite Disney characters and older children can learn what makes the world go around, what keeps our feet on the ground and how bubbles find their way into fizzy drinks.

Science enthusiasts are not short of things to do in the town.

Dozens of people have already made their way to the Museum of Hartlepool, in the Maritime Experience to see their latest interactive science exhibition, Life.

Nina Cole, a casual key assistant at the Museum of Hartlepool, said youngsters and adults alike are fascinated by science.

Nina told the Mail: “Science seems to interest so many people.

“It’s such a fascinating subject for kids to learn about, but even adults are intrigued by it.

“Working at the museum, I learn things on a daily basis that I didn’t previously know about.

“I think one of the reasons children enjoy science is the fact there are so many different ways to learn about it.

“They can enjoy interactive exhibitions such as this one or find out lots of interesting facts in books.”

Youngsters and reading enthusiasts throughout Hartlepool and east Durham are building up quite a collection of the Magical World of Disney series.

Seven of the titles have already been released at the bargain price of just £2.99 with tokens available in the Mail.

But people still have a variety of magical titles to look forward to including The Kingdom of Mammals, Great Inventions, Space and The World of Art.

Tokens will continue to appear every week in the Hartlepool Mail which can be exchanged for the books at a number of outlets.