Scott Loach calls for stability at Hartlepool United ahead of next season

After a difficult 2017/18 campaign, Hartlepool United finally confirmed their status in the National League

Thursday, 19th April 2018, 11:15 am
Updated Thursday, 19th April 2018, 11:21 am
Scott Loach.

next season after a 1-0 win over Leyton Orient.

The club almost going into administration is chief among a number of reasons as to why Pools have struggled this season.

But goalkeeper Scott Loach believes that stability is the best way to avoid this happening again.

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He aid: “I think stability is a massive word, a bit of stability and consistency in the league is what takes you up, that’s what we need to have next season.”

Current National League evidence backs up his point, as all of the current top five have spent at least one

season in division and only two sides have been promoted directly back to League two following relegation in the last 14 years.

Cheltenham broke the 100 points total to win the league in 2015/16 meanwhile, Bristol Rovers were promoted after a triumphant penalty shoot-out in the play-off final the season before.

Loach believes that the stability Pools’ have had either side of the winter break has demonstrated the potential they have as a side.

“We showed it at the start of the season and we’ve showed signs of it here but if we can sort that middle patch out and keep ticking over then we could be a threat.”

Pools’ picked up just seven points in 15 games during the months of November-January, which was undoubtedly their worst spell of the season.

However, in the two months before hand Pools’ managed 23 points from 11 games and 14 from nine in the two following the winter period.

Put them together and that’s 37 points from 20 games, if Pools’ managed that points per game total throughout next season, history suggests it would be enough to rival those fighting at the top of the league.

Meanwhile, 30-year-old Loach, who has played for seven different clubs in the last six years, making just 69 appearances in the process before signing for the Pools’ and claims his return to first team football has been “brilliant”.

“It’s been brilliant, as a keeper it’s been nice to be number one, we’ve got young Ryan coming through, who is a great prospect and is pushing me all the way because he wants to play as well.

Despite this, Loach is keep his feet firmly planted on the ground stating: I’ve still got a lot to learn myself

and I’ve got a lot to improve on. I talked about the club’s consistency but as a keeper it’s about consistency as well.”

Pools are currently fourth in the league attendance tables and Loach believes a club of their stature should aim to be back in League two.

“When you look at the League Two teams, is their stature as big as ours? Probably not. The foundations are here for us to kick on.”