Sean dreams of stardomnphm

HE’S got the moves – but now talented Sean McNicholas is wanting to prove he’s got the voice to go with them.

Sean Mac, as he is known on the stage, is not afraid of setting himself high targets.

“I want to record an album and hear my own songs on the radio,” the confident 22-year-old told the Mail.

At the minute Sean has quite a way to go but the feedback he is receiving since starting to play the pubs and clubs in the region is feeding his desire to reach the top.

Sean first started performing when he realised he could pull some Michael Jackson-esque dance moves when he was only 12.

But two years ago, his supportive dad Michael encouraged him to add the singing to his moves and to start performing live. He did exactly that, and Sean says he’s had quite a response.

“I’ve had the best feedback I could think of,” said Sean, who lives with his parents, Michael and Pamela, both 52, in Owton Manor Lane.

“Since I’ve started playing at pubs, clubs and private parties I’ve had people saying to me I’m the best they’ve heard in ages.”

Sean says his selection of song choices when he performs live appeals to all tastes.

As well as singing the hit singles of his idol, Justin Timberlake, he plays an eclectic mix ranging from Olly Murs to Neil Diamond. And when he isn’t performing he is hard at work writing his own music as he dreams of one day making an album.

“Singing as well as dancing is the best thing I have ever done,” he added.

“It’s going so well and I’m getting more confident all of the time, but I want to take it up another level now.

“The dream is to have my own album, sing on the TV and hear my songs on the radio.

“Right now I’m just loving singing live.

“I knew when I was doing my dancing that it’s tough to make a specific career out of it, but hopefully I can do that with my singing.”

Sean is performing in the town at the Headland Social Club, in Throston Street, this Sunday, January 20.