Search for owner of mystery photos

Wedding day memories
Wedding day memories

FAMILY photographs from yesteryear have been handed into the Mail office after being found in a Hartlepool street.

Jean Swift, a 55-year-old from the Dyke House area of town, handed in eight photographs which were found strewn across Marina Way last Friday.

The photographs, some with names on the back, show various happy times for the family involved, including a wedding, baby photos, two Christmas dinner pictures and also a carousel ride.

Mrs Swift, a housewife, said: “We came out of the bingo at 9pm and were just walking along near Boots and happened to see one of them, then I noticed some more.

“We thought someone might have been mugged at first because they were scattered all over.

“There was one on a wall, some were on the floor and some were even on the road.”

The photographs, which feature Steven, Linda, Ian, Eunice, Mary, Claire, Eileen, Deborah and Jan, have puzzled Mrs Swift who has no idea who they could belong to.

“There was nobody around so I really don’t know whose they are, it could have been someone from the bingo.

“Looking at them, I’d expect maybe an old woman owned them, but I don’t know.”

The photographs don’t feature any dates or information other than names, but Mrs Swift hopes they can be returned to their rightful owner.

She added: “I wouldn’t like to lose them if they were mine, they’re nice keepsakes, so I hope that the photos can be returned.”