See how your councillors voted as a 31% basic allowance increase is agreed

Hartlepool Civic Centre.
Hartlepool Civic Centre.

Hartlepool councillors voted to increase their basic allowance by 31%.

Here is how Hartlepool’s councillors voted over an increase to their allowances.

The rise went through by 17 votes in favour to 11 against with three abstentions.

An Independent Remuneration Panel recommended the rise in the’ Basic Allowance from £5,953, which it has been since January 2015, to £7,792 a year.

The panel said it should be increased to compensate working age councillors to fulfil their duties, and encourage a wider range of people to stand.

But opponents said they should not line their own pockets when frontline services are being threatened by funding cuts, and council tax went up by 4.9% this year.

For the rise:

Christopher Akers-Belcher (Lab)

Stephen Akers-Belcher (Lab)

Allan Barclay (Lab)

Paul Beck (Lab)

Alan Clark (Lab)

Rob Cook (Lab)

Kevin Cranney (Lab)

Lesley Hamilton (Lab)

Marjorie James (Lab)

Jim Lindridge (Lab)

Brenda Loynes (Con)

Ray Martin-Wells (Con)

George Morris (Con)

Carl Richardson (Lab)

Jean Robinson (Lab)

Kaylee Sirs (Lab)

Stephen Thomas (Lab)

Against the rise:

James Black (Putting Hartlepool First)

Bob Buchan (UKIP)
Tim Fleming (UKIP)

Ged Hall (Ind)

Tom Hind (UKIP)
John Lauderdale (Ind)

Shane Moore (UKIP)
David Riddle (Putting Hartlepool First)

George Springer (UKIP)
John Tennant (UKIP)
Paul Thompson (Ind)


Brenda Harrison (Lab)

Dave Hunter (Lab)

Dr Mike McLaughlin (Lab)

Councillors Sandra Belcher and Trisha Lawton were absent