Seed scheme is blossoming

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A GREEN-FINGERED scheme that aims to brighten up Easington is turning into a blooming success.

The Easington Seed Pods project appeared in the Hartlepool Mail in September, appealing for past and present Easington Colliery residents to donate seeds to make Easington Colliery a brighter place to live.

Since then, Easington Seed Pods organiser Michael Welsh has been inundated with offers of invitations to take cuttings from people’s gardens as well as various community locations.

Mr Welsh attended the Peterlee Show in September, where he was invited to 10 people’s gardens to take cuttings and seed.

He has also been collecting plants from a site in Hetton, where 150 bungalows are due to be knocked down.

Volunteers have planted these in a churchyard in Easington.

Mr Welsh, who has dug up Rudbeckia from gardens in Shotton and Wingate, and collected Buddlia cuttings from other residents, is also waiting for the go-ahead to put all the group’s rooted cuttings in two greenhouses in Easington Colliery Cemetery for the winter.

The group is looking for more perennial plants, including Lavatera Barnsley.

Mr Welsh said: “It is a beautiful white bush which would be very colourful when mature.

“I have already taken 100 cuttings from a 20-year-old 10ft pink Lavatera.

“You can imagine that if they all root and get through the winter in two years’ time, they could be in 100 gardens or community areas in Easington Colliery.”

Seed Pods stands for Sow Everywhere in Easington District and Plant On Disused Sites.

It is a community-based project in partnership with Easington Colliery in Bloom.

Anyone interested in taking part should email or call (01429) 836811.