Seven ways to stay awake on General Election night

Stay up all night.
Stay up all night.

STAYING up all night to see the election results come in?

Here are seven ways to beat drowsiness and power on through until the morning.

1) Drink coffee - the obvious one first. But take it slow, as too much too fast and you’ll start shaking before snoring.

2) Have a little nap - Has it all gone quiet? Catch 20 winks – the optimum power napping time.

3) Keep the lights on – Darkness is your enemy as it is the biggest indicator to your brain that it is stupid o’clock in the morning.

4) Move – Yes, put the pizza down and go for a walk. Even better, do some star jumps in the living room (unless you live in a flat as the person below may not be the keen election geek that you are).

5) Keep busy – Idle hands are not a good idea. Tweet, juggle, build a replica of Number 10... anything to keep your hand-eye coordination going.

6) Don’t drink alcohol – Boozy = Snoozy.

7) Alert the senses! – Bite a chilli, suck an ice cube.