Seven years and still no cash for Joshua

Joshua Cool
Joshua Cool

A YOUNGSTER who was left severely brain damaged after being attacked by his own father at just two weeks old is still waiting for criminal injuries cash almost seven years on.

Hartlepool youngster Joshua Cool sustained life-changing injuries at the hands of his evil dad when he was a tiny baby leaving him unable to walk, talk, sit up, or even see.

His family lodged a claim with the Government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) soon after the horrific assault in the hope that Joshua, who turns seven-years-old on June 19, would be given a lump sum to put in a trust fund to spend on making his life more comfortable.

But their years of fighting for the money has been in vain, and they are still waiting for the cash which they say they would use to get him regular physio for his extra-tight muscles and ligaments, and to pay for new equipment like chairs and hoists as he grows.

His frustrated grandparents Pam and Tony Mandry say the authority has written to them and Joshua’s doctors saying they need to know the youngster’s life-span before they can calculate the “substantial” sum owed to him. This is difficult for medics to estimate, however.

“Basically they don’t want to pay out until they know what Joshua’s life span is,” said Tony, of Lancaster Road, Hartlepool.