Seven years for thug who fractured man’s skull with baseball bat

Andrew Greenwood was jailed at Durham Crfown Court
Andrew Greenwood was jailed at Durham Crfown Court

A violent thug who hit a man on the head with a baseball bat has been jailed for seven years.

Andrew Greenwood’s victim suffered life-threatening injuries, including a fractured skull, and was hospitalised for eight weeks.

Andrew Greenwood

Andrew Greenwood

Shaun Watkins, 26, is still suffering pain and memory loss eight months later, Durham Crown Court heard.

Greenwood, 25, of Fifth Street, Horden, admitted wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm on June 18, last year.

Paul Abrahams told Durham Crown Court the events leading up to the assault on Mr Watkins are not clear.

He said: “There was a group of young people who went to house party in Third Street in Horden. There was an incident there, and about 10 people - including this defendant - moved on to a house in Fifth Street.

“By this time it was approaching midnight. Mr Watkins emerged from his house in Fifth Street, carrying a baseball bat.”

The court heard Mr Watkins retreated to his house, pursued by a large number of the party goers.

“He was savagely beaten by the gang,” Mr Abrahams added. “Including Greenwood who took the bat from Mr Watkins and struck him to the head and body several times.

“Witnesses speak of other people punching and kicking Mr Watkins, including an attempt to hit him with a vodka bottle.

“When Greenwood was arrested, he told police he intended to hit the victim on his body, but had missed and hit his head.”

Chris Knox, defending, said: “Mr Greenwood did not go looking for trouble that night, he adopted it, which is a decision he very much regrets.

“That night was a shambles, it started as a shambles, and it continued as a shambles.”

Judge Deborah Sherwin jailed Greenwood for seven years.

The judge told him: “In deciding the appropriate sentence, I bear in mind you are the only person taking the blame.”