Shamed PCSO to face hearing

A POLICE Community Support Officer is facing disciplinary action after being arrested in a busyb town centre street.

PCSO Tamela Williamson’s future with Cleveland Police is now hanging in the balance after she accepted a formal police caution for becoming embroiled in some disorder in Hartlepool while off duty.

She was arrested on suspicion of assault in the early hours of Saturday, October 22, in the Church Street area of town, and is now suspended from her role with Hartlepool Police while an investigation is carried out.

According to the Home Office website, the role of a PCSO is to provide a “unique role designed purely to tackle local anti-social behaviour and issues affecting the quality of life”.

PCSO Williamson, who lives on the town’s Headland, was not charged with any offence after being arrested but accepted the caution, which will go on her criminal record.

The 35-year-old was born and brought up in Hartlepool, and is a former pupil at Brierton School and carried out her role in the police across the West View and Central Estate areas.

A disciplinary hearing will take place in the new year, which could see PCSO Williamson forced to leave her position with Cleveland Police because of the incident.

A Cleveland Police spokeswoman said: “A member of police staff was arrested on suspicion of assault in the early hours of Saturday, October 22, 2011. She has received a caution.

“She was subsequently suspended pending a disciplinary hearing.”

A police caution is a formal warning given to adults who admit they are guilty of first-time minor offences. They also go on a person’s criminal record and remain on police records.

Their purpose is to “deal quickly and simply with less serious offenders, divert them from unnecessary appearance in the criminal courts and to reduce the chances of their re-offending”.