Shop for Schools competition back

Middleton Grangs Shopping Centre manager Mark Rycraft pictured at the Shop for Schools box.
Middleton Grangs Shopping Centre manager Mark Rycraft pictured at the Shop for Schools box.

SHOPPERS can help their favourite schools with the return of a popular competition.

Our annual Shop for Schools contest has seen tens of thousands of pounds worth of goods and equipment donated to dozens of schools across Hartlepool and east Durham.

The rules are simple.

Every pound spent at Hartlepool’s Middleton Grange Shopping Centre over the next seven weeks is converted into a one point voucher when you take your receipts to the complex’s information desk.

There they will be stamped and returned with tokens which can be immediately placed in one of 24 boxes marked with each participating school’s name.

The more points a school earns then the greater the value of the prizes they receive after the competition closes.

Among the goods on offer are sports equipment and computers.

Middleton Grange manager Mark Rycraft said: “Our customers have been so supportive of this campaign in the past and we are confident they will do so again.

“With schools and education authorities struggling with cuts, this range of equipment will come in more handy than in previous years and will help improve the quality of the children’s education.”

The offer begins today and continues until Sunday, September 4.

Every pound spent on Sundays will be worth two points with triple points on offer on Bank Holiday Monday, August 29.

Keep buying the Mail too for bonus points vouchers.

We will also print regular league tables so that you can see how your favourite school is faring.

Not that any school will be punished because they are smaller than others.

Points tallies will be adjusted to take into account the number of pupils at each school.

League tables will also be published online at the shopping centre’s website.

Answer a couple of simple questions the first time you log-on and you will qualify for yet more points.

So what are you waiting for?

Just remember to take your receipts to Middleton Grange’s information stand and shopping centre staff will do the rest.

Photocopies of bonus vouchers will not be accepted.

Watch out too in the Mail for more clues on what prizes will be available.

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