Shoppers rant over ‘rain forest’ look at Hartlepool shopping centre

Bushes at the York Road entrance to Middleton Grange shopping centre.
Bushes at the York Road entrance to Middleton Grange shopping centre.

Shoppers could be forgiven for thinking town centre bosses have branched out into the horticultural business.

The huge new display of bushes at the Middleton Grange Shopping Centre has sparked an online row.

Residents say the wall of bushes, which is over six foot high and 20ft long, is a ‘monstrosity’.

People were left stunned when the greenery sprouted up this month at the York Road ramp entrance to the shopping centre and took to social media to voice there anger.

Among those annoyed by the bushes was Lyndsey Dyson, who wrote on Facebook: “Well the Middleton Grange, really have outdone themselves this time. Somebody in there has now come up with this bright idea...

“This monstrosity, is a giant ashtray/litter bin. Let’s see how long it lasts – maybe a little longer than the numerous “cowboy works” that have been carried out on York Road ramp in recent months.

“My sympathies lie with the tenants, they must be furious to see their hard- earned service charges being spent in such a ridiculous way!”

Others agreed with her, including Megan Paige Fenny, who said: “Gonna be interesting when the fire alarms go off. A couple of people with pushchairs and wheelchairs trying to get out if there was an emergency could be a bit of a problem.”

Natalie Readshaw, added: “What a mess! Instead of wasting money on this why don’t you sort the lifts out.”

Kirsty Swift, said: “You’ve got to be kidding me. That is just an eyesore ha ha.”

Nicola Moreton, said: “Omg is this a joke? I thought when money was spent on local areas it was supposed to “improve” them and attract more visitors not make them look so atrocious that it scares everyone away.”

Lori Lox, added: “Nice health and safety hazard that people have to manoeuvre round right on the fire exit. Good thinking that, Middleton Grange.”

Leanne Dyson, said: “I suggest you swap the Rain Forest look for some simple bedding flowers...terrible!”

And Rich Mond, added: “They’ll soon snap when the winds get up – that’s if the kids don’t get to them first.”

However, not everyone was against the new bushes, Daniel Mark White, said: “I’m failing to see what the problem is. It’s well away from the doors, and there’s plenty of space to get around it in wheelchairs or pushchairs.

“I can’t see what problem it’s causing.

“Other than narrow- minded people who moan that this town is crap, then moan when improvements are actually made.”

No one from Middleton Grange Shopping Centre was unavailable to comment.