Showroom Panel

POLICE have reviewed information and intelligence from the past 12-months to compile a dossier of incidents at The Showroom.

They include:

l June 4, 2012: A woman grabbed by the throat by another woman in the toilets and suffers a nasty graze and bruising with broken skin to the throat area and a bump to her head;

l May 7, 2012: A woman knocked to the floor after being hit in the nose with a glass, resulting in a small cut to her nose;

l April 22, 2012: A young woman hit in the face with a flying glass after trouble broke out on the upstairs dance floor, suffering cuts and bruises;

l April 6, 2012: A man is punched in the jaw by another man inside the venue, resulting in both being ejected;

l March 25, 2012: A 19-year-old man hit in the face and left with a possible fractured nose;

l March 9, 2012: An 18-year-old woman kicked in the head by a man directly outside The Showroom after falling to the floor while fighting with another girl;

l February 11, 2012: A male reveller needed three staples after being glassed by another man, which left a four-inch cut to his head, narrowly missing a main artery.

l December 24; 2011: A man left with a bruised and swollen left eye and various other scratches and bruises after being assaulted by another male inside The Showroom.