Sick yobs shoot cat in head

SICK yobs shot a year-old cat through the head and dumped it “like rubbish” in a plastic bag.

Distraught schoolgirl Charmaine Twidale made the grim discovery three days after her cherished pet Maisey went missing and is now suffering repeated nightmares about the savage and senseless killing.

The 15-year-old sobbed as she told how she “felt physically sick” after finding the “innocent and loving” family cat wrapped in the bag in a field near her Hartlepool home.

Her sickened family immediately took the dead cat to the vets where they were horrified to find it had been shot in the head.

Mum Charlene Twidale has blasted the “sick and twisted” people responsible for dumping Maisey in an open manhole in a field near Hartlepool Rovers Rugby Club, in West View Road.

The 35-year-old, who lives in Bridgepool Close, with husband Christopher, 35 and their three children, said: “We are all in absolute shock.

“Why would someone do this?

“Maisey would never hurt anyone, she was such a lovely, kind-natured cat but she has been shot and dumped like rubbish.

“We can’t stop thinking about it, Charmaine can’t sleep.

“It is just horrendous.”

Charmaine said: “As soon as I found her I just burst into tears and that was even before I knew it was Maisey.

“I just felt physically sick. It’s horrible, I just keep replaying that moment over in my head.

“I just think it’s awful that there are people out there who would do something like this.

“I miss Maisey, no pet deserves something as cruel and evil as that.”

Maisey, who the family have had since she was a kitten, was one of nine pets, alongside three dogs, three other cats, a rabbit and a fish.

The family told how they weren’t too concerned when Maisey first went missing last Monday.

But after 24 hours, concern set in and they reported her missing to vets across Hartlepool. The trauma worsened on Thursday of last week when Charmaine made the terrible find.

Mrs Twidale, who is also mum to Chantelle, 13, who goes to St Hilds C of E School with Charmaine and West View Primary School pupil Colin, 10, volunteers at the Central Correctors Youth Group, on the Central Estate.

She added: “I got a call from Charmaine saying they were going to have a look in the field to see if they could see anything.

“I said that was okay but warned them to be careful.

“Then she rang again explaining what she had found.

“We just can’t believe it, the people who did this can’t get away with it.”

Cleveland Police have confirmed they received reports that a cat had been shot.

A spokeswoman said: “We received a call after a cat had been found in a field with some form of wound.

“This is a really cruel thing to do to an animal which was a much-loved family pet.”

RSPCA spokesperson, Klare Kennett, told the Mail: “It is extremely cruel to shoot any animal.

“What we don’t know is how long it took for this pet to die, it may well have been suffering for a long time.

“It’s a terrible act.

“We would like to know who has done this and we will assist the police with their investigation.”

Anyone with any information about the incident is urged to call Cleveland Police on (01642) 302178 or the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.