Six-year-old in charity chop

Emma shows off her beautiful tresses
Emma shows off her beautiful tresses

A SIX-YEAR-OLD schoolgirl is preparing to have 10 inches chopped off her long blonde hair to raise funds for a hospice which cared for her great-grandmother before she died.

Big-hearted youngster Emma Watson told her mum Laura Watson, completely “out of the blue”, that she wanted to have her waist-length hair lopped to raise money for Hartlepool & District Hospice.

The youngster had visited the Wells Avenue hospice several times when her great-grandmother Hilda Gaiety was cared for there, for throat and mouth cancer. The 86-year-old, of West View, Hartlepool, lost her fight against the disease in September last year.

Laura, of Larpool Close, in Hartoft Square, off Hart Lane, said: “In the summer last year, Emma’s great-grandmother was diagnosed with cancer in her mouth and throat.

“Just seven weeks after that she went into the hospice and she sadly died. Emma came to the hospice a few times and she knew the nurses were really, really nice.

“Three weeks ago Emma said ‘I want to cut my hair off for charity because the nurses at the hospice helped my grandmother and I want to help them and other people who have cancer’.

“It was totally out the blue! We’ve never spoken about it before so we can only think that she’s maybe seen something in the Mail.”

The 30-year-old nail technician added: “We left it a couple of weeks and then discussed it again but she’s adamant she wants it done.

“She’s never had her hair cut off in her life and I’ve explained to her that she won’t be able to have her plaits in any more and her hair will be darker because all the lighter blonde at the ends will be cut off.

“But she still wants it done!

“It will break my heart because it’s a lovely blonde colour, when it’s wet it’s all ringlets, and I’m going to miss putting cornplaits in it. At the same time though, I’m very proud of what she’s doing and the reasons why she wants to do it.”

Emma, a pupil at Clavering Primary School, will be going for the big chop on Friday, March 22, at 3.30pm, and the hospice’s in-house hairdresser will be doing the job of snipping her Goldilocks-like hair just below her jaw.

The fundraising youngster has already managed to get around £450 in sponsors – with £200 from the team of bus drivers at Stagecoach where Laura’s step-dad Billy Crammon, 56, is one of the drivers.